When Greg first met Butch Johnson, he was deeply impressed by Butch’s insight in the way organizations and leaders behave. Butch taught him that the psychological limit of the leader inevitably become the psychological limit of the organization.

Very few top managers understand their own psychological limit, how it pervades the organization, and how they should change their profile.

We offer the exclusive GREAT BOSS – DEAD BOSS TM top management assessment and education program. Available for corporate leaders, senior military command personnel and government officials, it is described as a watershed personal experience. Small groups meet for four days of structured, intensive training and assessment in the company of peers.

In the same way that Greg discovered and changed his leadership style, delegates get to evaluate their personal leadership makeup and how it affects the organizations they lead.

Under guidance from Ray and his team, and with input from peer assessment, every individual’s personal leadership capabilities are defined. In addition to being a professional life-changing experience, delegates design a strategy for building a new, more effective organization in the way that Greg did.

You will gain a profound understanding of yourself and your leadership capability, valuable shared experiences, new friendships and important new business relationships.

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